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Yaye, Ethiopia

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Tasting Notes - Passionfruit and Raspberry Cordial

Yaye is one of 20 washing stations owned and operated by Testi coffee, located in Ethiopia’s Sidama region. Sidama is renowned for its exceptional coffee; producing floral, fruit forward lots that are sought after worldwide. Yaye receives freshly picked cherries from hundreds of independent growers, with the average farm size being only 1 hectare. Coffee here is grown under the shade of local forests, with high altitudes and cool temperatures all contributing to slow cherry maturation. This ensures optimum sugar levels develop for a sweeter, more complex cup profile. This lot is part of Testi's quality improvement initiative, Premium Cherry Selection (PCS), ensuring that only the best practices are used throughout growing, harvesting and processing.

After careful sorting, cherries for this lot were packed tightly in polyurethane tanks to undergo an extended fermentation over 7 days. A valve system removes the carbon dioxide produced during this period. Tanks are placed in water to keep temperatures low, avoiding the undesirable flavours over fermentation, until a 3.8 pH level is reached. The coffee is then mechanically dried to 35% humidity, before slowly drying on raised beds over 24-30 days in shade. Testi’s attention to detail during every stage of production ensures the utmost quality in the final cup. This lot is vibrant and distinct, with a deliciously tart tropical acidity and intense, fruit-forward sweetness. 

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300 Independent Farmers


JARC and landrace varieties


1,950 masl