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Meselech Tube, Ethiopia

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Best Suited for Espresso

Tasting Notes: Cherry and Musk Sticks

From Meselech Tube in the Sidamo growing region comes this fruit-forward espresso. It’s rare to see single producer lots from Ethiopia, but through Sucafina Coffee’s Lalisaa project, Meselech has been able to connect directly with the specialty market. The Lalisaa project aims to encourage and reward the production of higher quality coffee through education and financial support, as well as creating meaningful relationships between producers and roasters. Meselech inherited the farm from her family and supports her 6 children through her coffee profits, with 3 of her adult children now working alongside her. High elevations and cool climates contribute to the coffee’s complexity, as well as careful intercropping and organic farming practices. The family handpicks the ripest cherries, before drying them slowly on raised beds for 2-3 weeks. This coffee is classified as Grade 1, meaning the greatest level of care has gone into its production. Meselch’s goal is for her coffee to be known worldwide and with its bright, juicy acidity and delightful perfumed sweetness, we think she’s well on the way to achieving this.

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Meselech Tube

Shantwene, Sidamo

JARC 74110, JARC 74112, JARC 74158


1,900 masl