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Sitio Capao, Brazil

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Tasting Notes: White Peach and Nougat

This stunning filter was produced by Aneiuson Souza in Piatã. Despite the small scale of farms in the region, Piatã first gained international recognition during Brazil’s 2009 cup of excellence, with 5 of the top 10 coffees being produced there. Piatã has some of the highest altitudes in Brazil, with cool temperatures and no frosts, leading to exceptional sugar development in cherries. The area remains synonymous with excellence and exclusivity today. 

Aneiuson is a trained agrologist and third-generation farmer. From an early age, Aneiuson recognised the advantages of coffee production, planting his first trees on the farm at 14. After completing his studies, Aneiuson switched his focus to the farm full time, implementing changes to improve production and environmental sustainability, as well as planting modern varieties known for their cup quality and adaptability. His dedication extends to processing, which he does on site to retain full autonomy over how each coffee is treated. This lot was hand picked when ripe and slowly dried in greenhouse conditions, with careful turning 6 times a day. The result is exceptionally sweet, with a silky mouthfeel and juicy stone fruit acidity.

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Aneiuson Souza

Piatã, Chapada Diamantina

Catucai, Catuaí


1,300 masl