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About Redbrick


Hello, we are redbrick. We are a roaster, wholesaler, and distributor of coffee and coffee things. For us coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a way that people connect. From the producers who grow our coffee to the people who drink it and everyone in between, coffee brings people together and we love being a part of that community. It allows us to share something we are passionate about as well as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world.

Our stores

Where it all started for Redbrick — food, coffee and community come together.

ARC is Redbrick’s new venture in Canberra’s evolving hospitality scene. This unique venue is complemented by a food menu of refined classics, focusing on local produce. ARC is the culmination of everything we love in hospitality and we are proud to share it with Canberra.

A warehouse designed to celebrate the process of roasting, brewing, drinking and sharing coffee. Home of our Probat L12, where you will find us roasting every day.

  • In the roastery



We believe in taking responsibility in our industry. We are a business dedicated leaving as little a mark on the planet as possible. Find out about what we are doing to reduce our impact.

  • The Redbrick blends



We have designed a system to make it simple for you to find the perfect coffee. Each category contains blends and single origin coffees that are delicious in similar ways.

Get emails from us, every so often.