Producer Profile: Fabiano Borré

Producer Profile: Fabiano Borré

Fabiano Borré is the leading force behind quality and innovation at the Borré family farm, Fazenda Progresso. The first coffee we ever purchased from Brazil in 2013, through Silvio Leite, came from Fazenda Progresso. Over the years, we have received some amazing lots from Progresso, and have had the privilege of spending time with Fabiano and his family in Brazil on several occasions. This year we were lucky enough to catch Fabiano in Australia too!

The Borré family have been in business for three generations, first as one of the largest potato producers in the state of Bahia, before introducing specialty coffee production in 2005, and more recently a breathtaking vineyard and winery. Their stunning farm is located near the town of Mucugê, surrounded by the Chapada Diamantina National Park. Sitting at 1,150 metres above sea level, the area offers an ideal climate, high elevations and rich soil perfect for growing beautiful coffees.

Fabiano has led the way on coffee production at Progresso, pioneering innovative agricultural and environmental practices, investing in high quality infrastructure, surrounding himself with a highly skilled team, investing in a quality control program and dedicated lab headed up by Ednaldo Nascimento, as well as working closely with Silvio Leite.

Progresso’s coffees stand out for their exceptional quality, making excellent big-bodied, rich blend components, and superb experimental microlots. A significant portion of the coffee we purchase from Progresso is a lot called Diamantina, a natural processed coffee which we use in our Coffee Coffee blend. We’ve worked closely with Fabiano and the team to develop the profile of Diamantina and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We’ve also had the pleasure of trying some of their smaller, experimental lots. Gandula, particularly, is a fan favourite here at Redbrick. Produced by Progresso’s Head of Quality Control, Ednaldo Nascimento, Gandula is an experimental natural processed lot that is truly a delight to drink.

The Borré family motto is ‘mindful coffee’, representing their commitment to quality, innovation, environmental practices and social responsibility, and informing everything that they do. We are incredibly proud to work with Fabiano and the team at Fazenda Progresso.

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