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Canta Ranas, Colombia

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Tasting Notes - Pear and Orange Blossom

This 100% Chiroso lot was produced by our dear friend Edward Sandoval on his beautiful farm ‘Canta Ranas’. Edward has a wealth of knowledge and experience, owing to his career as a technical advisor and QC cupper for Colombia’s national coffee organisation, FNC. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Edward returned to his estate and shifted his focus to improving and updating existing practices and infrastructure. We’re honoured to have been able to experience Edward’s passion firsthand when we visited in 2022.

Canta Ranas is located in the renowned coffee growing region, Santa Isabel. The farm is 13 hectares in size and sits in the foothills of the active volcano Los Nevados. With staggering elevations, rich volcanic soils and cool year round temperatures, coffee grown here matures slowly resulting in complex flavours. Ripe cherries are picked by highly skilled locals trained by Edward. Once picked, they are depulped and fermented in tanks for up to 96 hours. During this period freshly pulped cherries are added periodically, reducing the ph levels to facilitate the extended fermentation period. It is then washed and carefully dried over 8-15 days. Chiroso is an emerging variety gaining recognition for its sweet, floral cup profile and excellent structure and this lot is no exception. Delightfully fragrant with a sparkling citrus acidity and lingering pear sweetness; we’re so excited to share it with you. 

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Edward Sandoval

Santa Isabel, Colombia



1,900 - 2,000 masl