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Roni Gomez, Colombia

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Tasting Notes of Red Apple and Roasted Almond

This lot was meticulously produced by Roni Gómez. His farm, La Pradera, sits at an impressive 2,100 masl in the rugged mountains of Aponte. Located deep within the remote Juanambú Canyon in Colombia’s Nariño region, the area’s distinct micro-climate characterised by warm winds and cool temperatures year-round fosters ideal conditions for honey processing. Despite facing adversity due to past violence and civil unrest, Nariño has seen a resurgence in its coffee industry, driven in part by recognition from competitions like the Colombian Cup of Excellence. Through partnerships with export companies like Pergamino, dedicated producers like Roni have been able to showcase their exceptional coffees on the global stage, contributing to the region's economic growth and fostering a more sustainable future. 

Cherries for this lot were carefully handpicked and sorted before pulping. They are then dried for 30 days with mucilage intact. Aponte’s climate as well as regular turning ensured this coffee dried slowly and evenly, leading to consistent and complex flavours in the final cup. The rich, buttery body of this coffee is balanced by a crisp, fruit-forward acidity and a rounded sweetness. Enjoy using your favourite filter method.

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Roni Gomez

Aponte, Nariño


Honey Processing

2,100 masl