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Gishubi, Burundi

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Best Suited for Espresso

Tasting Notes of Apricot and Chocolate

This natural lot was produced by a collective of 291 farmers from Gishubi Hill in Northern Burundi and processed by Long Miles Coffee. Despite the exceptional conditions for growing specialty coffee in the country, various setbacks such as poverty, armed conflict and the landlocked location have led to numerous hurdles accessing it. The team at Long Miles works directly with farmers to overcome these export challenges, achieve fair prices and provide education and resources to further improve coffee quality. 

The unique micro-climate of Gishubi Hill contributes to the stunning flavours of this lot. The remarkably high altitudes combined with mists from the nearby Kibira National Park keep temperatures low, leading to optimum sugar development in the cherries. Farmers deliver to Long Miles’ Heza Washing Station for processing, where the coffee is carefully sorted by hand and weight. It is then dried slowly over 25-30 days on raised beds until 10.5% humidity is reached. The result is rich and syrupy, with stone fruit and chocolate qualities.

Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions






A collective of 291 Farmers

Kayanza Province, Northern Burundi



2,200 masl