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Sao Judas, Brazil

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Tasting Notes - Apricot and Praline

This coffee was produced by Antônio and Terezinha Rigno in Piatã, Brazil. The region is famed for its coffee production, with its higher than average elevations, cool overnight temperatures and lack of frosts allowing for slow cherry maturation and increased sugar content. Coffee grown here is unique and complex, often sweeping awards in the country’s Cup of Excellence (COE) competitions. Antônio and Terezinha have been producing coffee for over 40 years. The pair are dedicated to the region's continued success, regularly sharing their knowledge and expertise with local producers and allowing them to use their facilities. As Antonio explained, “There are no secrets. Here, the people in Piatã are like my family. I want to help them produce great coffee. It’s my duty and my joy”. For this lot, coffee cherries are handpicked when fully ripe and taken to the wet mill on the farm. The coffee is pulped and laid out to dry on greenhouse patios with mucilage still attached in layers of 4cm. The beans are raked several times a day until the ideal moisture content is achieved. The result is a rich, juicy cup bursting with stone fruit sweetness and silky hazelnut qualities. Brew using your favourite filter method.

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Antônio and Terezinha Rigno

Piatã, Chapada Diamantina

Yellow and Red Catuaí

Pulped Natural

1,300 - 1,380 masl