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Andre Hakizimana, Rwanda

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Tasting Notes - Apricot and Date

Produced by husband and wife team, Andre Hakizimana and Anathal Mukagwiza, this exceptional coffee is a rare example of a single farm lot from Rwanda. Traceability is usually limited to washing stations, where they receive coffee cherries from hundreds of small local farms. Andre and Anathal operate on a comparatively large scale, with 1.2 hectares of organically farmed land and over 3000 coffee trees. Andre is also a long-standing member of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative. Access to the cooperative's resources allow them to process their lots individually, while minimising costs and maintaining quality. This lot was processed at Dukunde Kawa’s Mbilima washing station. The ripest, densest cherries are pulped and fermented overnight. Following this, they are soaked for 24 hours to remove the remaining fruit, then carefully hand sorted and dried slowly over 2 weeks until 11% humidity is reached. We first purchased from Andre and Anathal after the 2019 harvest, and it’s been a privilege to work with them ever since. This incredibly delicious coffee is a testament to their four decades of experience, boasting a stone fruit acidity, silky body and syrupy sweetness.

$1 from every bag sold of this coffee will be donated to ‘Supporting Strong Women’, a campaign to raise funds and build awareness for the Rambagirakawa Women’s Group in Rwanda.
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Andre Hakizimana and Anathal Mukagwiza

Gakenke District, Northern Province

Red Bourbon


2,150 masl