Our Story

Our Story

Red Brick Coffee started in 2011 with the goal to bring a unique coffee experience to Canberra. Twelve years later, we’re still committed to quality, aiming to constantly refine and improve.

In 2013 we began roasting our own coffee in the corner of our shop in Curtin. This opened up a new world of great people, tasty coffee, along with a very steep learning curve. Turns out, we loved making new blends, sourcing delicious coffees and finding the best way to roast them - all while growing a community of coffee lovers. 

Our approach to roasting is based on keeping an open mind and not being set in our ways. This is an industry that constantly challenges us to think about things differently, an industry where there’s always something new to learn.

We’ve remained dedicated to doing things with respect and sincerity, learning that coffee is about the hands it passes through, more than anything. Because of this, we’ve sought strong relationships, getting to know farmers and producers around the world, and choosing only to work with people who share the same vision that we do.

Eventually, we needed some extra room to roast coffee, moving our Probat L12 to a warehouse in Fyshwick in 2018. This space became our HQ which we operate as a roasting and education facility. Whilst we were born in Curtin, we now have three cafes that look after Canberra's City and Inner South, as well as a network of wholesale partners across the ACT, Victoria and NSW. 

We will always remain dedicated to roasting our favourite coffees for our community, wherever it grows.

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