4 tips for the best at home coffee.

4 tips for the best at home coffee.

It’s good but let’s make it better! (I’m talking your coffee at home by the way, not you and me) Nothing is a secret around here, we want to share with you our 4 hot tips to help you make the best coffee you can at home. Depending on your preferred brew method, these 
tips will be beneficial in making tasty coffee!

1. Good Water

Using filtered water is great for making delicious coffee. However, if you don't have access to filtered water, the next best practice is to keep the water fresh by changing it frequently. Fresh is best!

2. Fresh Beans

Use coffee that has a roast date rather than a best before date. Coffee that is between 2 - 6 weeks from roast will taste best.

3. Precision is Key

The right coffee amount is crucial, and with the correct basket size, especially for a double basket, fill it most of the way.

4. Weigh your shots

We know that this might seem like a hassle to weigh your shots but hear us out. It’s the easiest way to ensure consistency and therefore getting good coffee in every shot.
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