Limited Release Coffee

Limited Release Coffee

Floripondio Bolivia is a SL28 variety and very, very special.

Fabulous Floripondio

From Pedro Rodriguez in Bolivia, this vibrant SL28 lot is an excellent example of what the variety has to offer. Pedro's meticulous approach and the ideal conditions at “Floripondio” contribute to the exceptional quality of this coffee. Boasting a velvety mouthfeel, juicy acidity and intense confectionary-like sweetness, this filter is seriously special.

Crafting excellence

Cherries for this lot were handpicked and meticulously sorted before fermenting in custom built stainless steel tanks for 90 hours, with careful monitoring to ensure lactic acid was developing. This is key for a silky mouthfeel in the final cup. The coffee is then dried on raised beds with turning every hour until it reaches 11.5% humidity. A testament to 
Pedro’s dedication, this filter is really something special. 

Special variety

First achieving recognition in Kenya, the SL28 variety was selectively bred from trees showing drought resistance and rusticity - meaning it can be left unattended for years and still produce fruit. Despite its susceptibility to other major coffee diseases, the outstanding 
cup quality of SL28 has seen it making its mark across Africa and now abroad.

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