Coffee Coffee_blend Breakdown

Coffee Coffee, Blend Breakdown

Well with the 2023 season of Brazilian and Colombian coffee landing in our hoppers, what better time to celebrate our Coffee Coffee blend than now. Here is the 2024 Coffee Coffee Blend Breakdown.

60% Brazil

The body of the blend comes from the natural Brazilian component, Diamantina, produced by the Borre family at the stunning Fazenda Progresso. Located in the heart of the Chapada Diamantina mountain range, conditions here are ideal for producing exceptional coffee. The Borre family embodies their motto, “Mindful Coffee”, extending their commitment not only to quality and innovation, but also to social and environmental responsibilities.

40% Colombia

The second component, El Camino, brings balance to the cup. This is a coffee exclusive to Redbrick that our team played a part in creating, and that's pretty special! Lots for El Camino are sourced for us by the Echaverría Family, the founders of Pergamino coffee, from their own farms as well as independent producers across the Antioquia, Huila, Tolima and Inza departments. Pergamino does incredible work building the success of specialty coffee in Colombia through programs that incentivise quality and improve the livelihood of farmers.

Has the flavour changed?

Absolutely not, if anything it’s better! While Diamantina is a low acid, bold and chocolate forward coffee, El Camino is sweet, more nutty and has a brighter acidity. This creates the perfect balance between rich and sweet for that classic Coffee Coffee taste we know and love. Enjoy with milk for a strong, sweet cup or without for a smooth, rich experience.

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