Carbon Emission Check In

Carbon Emission Check In

In 2022 we started our journey into measuring the carbon footprint of our business as a whole. With help from our friends at Netnada we can monitor our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in real time through their platform.

Scope 1 = Direct Emission this includes Fuel Consumption
Scope 2 = Indirect this includes Gas, Electricity.
Scope 3 = External this includes Professional Services, Packaging, Rent.

These measurements allow us to make informed decisions to minimise our carbon footprint. To offset our emissions we are purchasing carbon credits that support 2 organisations: Delta Blue Carbon and CO Australia.

Delta Blue Carbon

Delta Blue Carbon is based in Sindh, a province of Pakistan. It’s the world's most extensive mangrove forest restoration effort, spanning over 50,000 hectares of a thriving ecosystem, once devastated by large-scale deforestation. This projects contributes to the expansion of these vital mangroves across 350,000 hectares in the next 60 years. It is expected to sequester an estimated 142 million tonnes of CO2 e.

CO2 Australia

The other project we are supporting not only contributes to carbon reduction but also fosters economic sustainability and community empowerment. CO2 Australia actively engages local community members, and its revenue sharing agreement ensures that a portion of the proceeds from carbon credit sales directly benefits the NSW Aboriginal Land Council.

Planting trees native to Australia will mean they won't compete with other native plants and wildlife, and will help re-cultivate bushland.

Tree species have been selected for drought, disease and fire tolerance and were successfully integrated into existing farming operations by planting trees in belts through cropping paddocks. The tree belts protect crops from drying winds and keep groundwater low, reducing the risk of land salination.

Ever Evolving Approach

At Redbrick, sustainability is part of our business approach. We understand that there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to achieve carbon neutrality, but we are committed to doing our part to mitigate our carbon emissions. 

Through ongoing efforts and innovative practices, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and embrace a more sustainable future, not only for our business but for the planet as a whole.

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