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Wholesale coffee

What’s important to us

People focused coffee, for coffee focused people

Well, coffee obviously.  But for us coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a way that people connect.  From the producers who grow our coffee to the people who drink it and everyone in between, coffee brings people together and we love being a part of that community.  It allows us to share something we are passionate about as well as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world.

Redbrick’s commitment to


All the coffees we roast are specialty grade, but that is just the beginning.  We love a variety of different coffee styles and don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” for coffee drinkers.  So we’ve put together a line-up of four distinct blends along with a selection of different styles of single-origin coffees.  We look to find the best in every coffee, however we roast it. 


We supply coffee and coffee things to cafes, restaurants, and offices around Australia and overseas. Our approach to coffee supply is built around quality, reliability, and support. We’re here to help you in delivering great coffee for your staff and customers.    

How we support the people we work with

Training and education

At Redbrick, we have a team that can assist through training you and your staff on how to best work with your setup to get the best out of your coffee.

Equipment and tech support

We can help you source the best equipment for your coffee setup and also provide access to our technicians to help maintain your equipment.  

Industry experience

We have over 10 years of experience roasting and supplying coffee as well as operating our own hospitality venues.  Ask us and we’ll be happy to share our experience, knowledge, and resources to help you grow your business.   We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take coffee seriously.  We have left out most of the industry speak, but if you want to know our perspective on some coffee buzz words keep scrolling!

Wholesale coffee
Redbrick Glossary

Traditionally coffee was traded as a commodity with little to no traceability or recognition of quality.  The specialty coffee industry was built on people looking for higher quality coffee and more consistency in coffee supply.  This focus sparked improvements in coffee production, higher sale prices for producers, increased traceability in the supply chain, and created a standardised system for assessing coffee quality (cupping). For Redbrick, specialty coffee is a community of people focused on quality and the long-term benefits it brings to all those involved with the process. 

For Redbrick, traceability is another word for building relationships.  Within the complex world of coffee supply, it is important for us to be proud of the coffee we work with as well providing recognition and celebrate the producers of our coffee.  By building strong relationships in the coffee supply chain we can provide assurance that all the coffee we work with is produced ethically and sustainably.  We make it our priority to know the producers who grow our coffee.   

In terms of coffee quality,  beyond this basic requirement, we look for coffees that we love to drink. We roast them in ways that highlight their uniqueness rather than focusing on their cupping score.

For official purposes, coffee cupping is the standardised process used to assess coffee quality for trade all over the world.  It is also a common process used by coffee roasters to assess roasting practices and quality control.  At Redbrick we use cupping to make coffee purchasing decisions, and test roasting styles before we put them on the shelf for our customers. This is all part of our quality control process.  Cupping is also part of our education and training program as it’s a great way to taste and compare coffees.

Fairtrade price is a guaranteed minimum for coffee producers that qualify, but the certification does not relate to any quality standards. Purchasing fair trade coffee rather than similar lower quality coffee or commodity coffee can be a good choice as it ensures a better price for the producer.  However, purchasing higher quality coffee provides an even higher premium to producers reflective of the value of their coffee.  All the coffee Redbrick works with, is purchased in this way.  The prices paid to the producers are based on the quality of the coffee and are well above both the commodity (or ‘C’ price) and fair trade price for coffee.

Get emails from us, every so often.