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Wbeimar Lasso, Colombia

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Tasting Notes - Pear and Vanilla Wafer

This exceptional lot was produced by Wbeimar Lasso at El Mirador. Situated in the Huila department in the country's southwest, coffee here benefits from cooler than average temperatures and high altitudes, leading to slow, concentrated sugar development. Wbeimar and his wife, Juliana, share a passion for coffee production, establishing Terra Coffee together in 2016. Utilising his skills as an agro-industrial engineer and their combined experience, the pair share knowledge and offer support to the local community, working collaboratively to produce high-quality coffee.

Wbeimar’s dedication is evident in the processing of this lot. Carefully harvested following a strict ripeness criteria, cherries were meticulously double sorted to remove any defects. Following this they are submerged for a 30 hour fermentation period before pulping. The coffee is then washed and dried slowly in temperature controlled conditions. A hybrid of Bourbon and Typica varieties, Sidra is known for its uniquely sweet and vibrant flavour profile and this coffee is no exception. Delicately floral, with a bright acidity, biscuit sweetness and silky texture. 

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Wbeimar Lasso

San Adolfo, Huila



1,700-1,750 masl