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Ayla, Ethiopia

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Best Suited for Espresso

Tasting Notes - Peach and Milk Chocolate

Ayla is one of 20 washing stations owned and operated by Testi coffee, located in Ethiopia’s Sidama region. Sidama is renowned for its exceptional coffee; producing floral, fruit forward lots that are sought after worldwide. Ayla receives freshly picked cherries from hundreds of independent growers daily during the harvest period, with the average farm size being only 1-2 hectares. The staggering altitude of the region combined with cool temperatures lead to abundant flavours in the final cup. This JARC 74112 and 74110 variety lot is a part of Testi’s quality improvement initiative, Premium Cherry Selection (PCS). The program ensures that only the best practices are used throughout growing, harvesting and processing. Cherries are meticulously sorted and pulped, before soaking for 36-48 hours in fresh water from the nearby Bonora river. Following this the coffee is washed and graded again, soaked for a further 12 hours and dried slowly on raised African beds. We’ve roasted this for espresso, highlighting its syrupy sweet qualities. Delicate peach florals and a silky smooth, chocolate body make for a deliciously balanced cup.

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Rendering loop-subscriptions






700-800 independent farmers

Bensa, Sidama

JARC 74112, 74110


1,950 - 2,050 masl