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Vacation Coffee

Pina Colada

Vacation Coffee


Do you like piña coladas? Well, meet our Christmas Special Blend, Vacation Coffee! Best served on ice with your feet up (ideally by a pool)

50% Esayas Beriso, Ethiopia Natural Processed
50% Jairo Arcilla, Colombia Honey Processed

Our blend for the festive period. It’s a complex and sweet blend with flavours of pineapple, spiced rum and with a creamy body, which is where we settled on Pina Colada!

This blend is best served with good company. Vacation Coffee is made for days off and putting your feet up.

You can brew a little or brew a lot. Serve it with milk or not. Brew it hot or on ice (but with one of those little paper umbrellas sticking out the top).


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Weight 250 g

250g, 1kg


Whole Beans, Ground For Filter, Ground For French Press, Ground For Stovetop, Ground For Espresso