Petit Ab Kenya

blackcurrant and dark chocolate



Petit AB, Kenya


Flavours of blackcurrant and dark chocolate.

Fully washed SL28, SL34 and Batian varietals from Kiambu County, Kenya.

When Peter Kugi Ndugo was asked why he called his farm ‘Petit’ he said “because it’s small!”.  Traceability to individual farmholders is increasing in Kenya, which allows us to find producers who are working hard to produce high quality coffees.  Peter is a great example of this – he’s been working with Sucastainability in Kenya to improve processing and farming techniques, and is dedicated to only producing small lots of coffee to help improve overall quality.

The rich, volcanic soil of this area helps develop the bright and high quality flavours that help make Kenyan coffee so special. We’ve roasted this coffee dark for our Rich category, to compliment and intensify the flavours of this coffee.


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Weight 250 g

250g, 1kg


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