Kiambu Kenya

lychee and sherbet

Kiambu, Kenya – Filter


Flavours of lychee and sherbet. 

Washed SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and Batian varietals from Ndumberi Washing station, in Kiambu, Kenya. Kenyan coffees are known for being juicy and dynamic, thanks to the rich volcanic soil the coffee grows in, as well as the dynamic SL28 varietal. This coffee comes from the Ndumberi Coffee Factory which takes in coffee from almost 2,000 smallholders, where it is processed with the unique Kenyan ‘double washed’ method, which leads to incredibly bright and complex flavour profiles.


We’ve roasted this to be best enjoyed as a filter and placed it in our Complex category, thanks to the bright, lychee-like sweetness and sherbet-y mouthfeel. 


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Weight 250 g

250g, 1kg


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