Arsosala Ethiopia

cherry and chocolate

Arsosala, Ethiopia – Espresso


Flavours of cherry and chocolate.

A washed process mixed Ethiopian varietal from Arsosala Washing Station in Uraga, Ethiopia.

Coffees from the ‘Guji Zone’ like this one are known for being incredibly fruit forward, vibrant and juicy, and this coffee is no exception. Arsosala is a relatively new washing station in Uraga that takes cherry in from around 1,200 farmers and producers in the area. Thanks to recent changes in Ethiopian law, we’re able to trace our coffees back more specifically to washing stations like Arsosala.

We put this coffee into our Complex category thanks to its vibrant cherry-like acidity. We roasted this to taste best as an espresso, but you can brew it in a plunger or as a cold brew or cold filter too!


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