Free shipping for all orders over $50X
Free shipping for all orders over $50X

Our Impact

We are dedicated to leaving as little a mark on the planet as possible

Bring your own cup, save 50c in any of our cafes (just not during COVID-19).

All our coffee bags are made of 100% renewable plant-based materials – and best of all, they keep your coffee super fresh.

You can re-use the ties for storage around the house, or compost the bags at home (once removing the one-way valve!

Our takeaway cups are from BioPak and are Carbon-Neutral, are commercially compostable, and the paper is sourced from sustainably sourced trees. They tick all the boxes we want from single-use goods.

We don’t do double-cupping for hot drinks. Instead we offer sustainably sourced cardboard sleeves that are fully recyclable, so we’re not wasting two cups at once.

We actively seek the best ways to recycle and reuse shipping materials and waste from our cafes, and are always researching and looking for the best options to improve.

We offer wholesale clients coffee sold in buckets that can be reused over and over, while keeping coffee as fresh as possible.

We’re always happy to pass on our hessian sacks to anyone looking to upcycle, recycle or grow things in them. Visit our Fyshwick location and we’d love to help you out.