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Making a French Press

French Press is the easiest way to brew at home. Here’s our guide to nailing it each time, with or without scales. 

If you’re using the larger size French press, we recommend 8 scoops of coffee, or 65g coffee. As for water volumes, we recommend filling up so the layer of coffee sits just above the metal band, which is 1L of water (if you’re using scales). Using scales will make your coffees very consistent between brews.

You will need: 

– 1 cup French press

– 20g filter ground coffee (nothing too coarse!)

– a kettle that finished boiling 2 minutes before brewing

– a spoon


You can also use:

– scales

– a timer


Let’s get brewing!

  1. Weigh out 20g coffee. This will usually be 3 flat scoops with the provided scoop.
  2. Fill up to 300g with your water just off the boil. This will be when the coffee crust sits just above the metal band.
  3. Affix the plunger, let it all sit for 4 minutes
  4. After 4 minutes, stir the coffee 4 times.
  5. Use your spoon to skim off the coffee coloured foam. It doesn’t taste very good.
  6. Affix plunger and press slowly. There’s no rush.
  7. Once you’ve hit the bottom, pour into your favourite mug and enjoy.


This device goes great with any of our blends or single origins. Really.

We really like it

You can find big or small French presses on our webstore.

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