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Coffee In The Haus!

Last Friday we made the trip to Sydney to meet the BlocHaus Marrickville crew. We’ve been working with BlocHaus for a few years now and love their spirit, energy and community focus. Also, if I’m being honest, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see some temperatures above 11 degrees.

The first thing you’ll notice about any BlocHaus is the bright colours. At their core, BlocHaus is all about making climbing as inviting as possible. You may have guessed it, but using bright colours and fun shapes to make things clear, unpretentious and accessible is something that we love too (who doesn’t love bright colours??). So putting together climbing, coffee, inviting spaces and accessible products makes for a real dream team.

The machine we set them up is actually the original Redbrick machine from Curtin! We had it revamped with a crispy white paint job and made sure all the internals were in tip top shape with the help of Coffee Machine Tech here in Canberra. We hosted a training for the whole team too, to taste test and share our vision of coffee.

The Marrickville space is bright, airy and spacious – dotted of course with those distinct colourful BlocHaus rhombuses and trapezoids. It’s in an old glass manufacturing building (classic Marrickville), with super high ceilings and plenty of climbing real estate.

This will be one of the first places in Sydney to be serving our coffee, so if you’re up for a climb and a flatty, you now know exactly where to go. You can also go for a climb and a flatty at their location in Melbourne and of course, just down the road from us in Fyshwick.

By the way, keep an eye out for the chihuahua cross, Romy. She’s a real cutie too.

Thanks for the good times BlocHaus Marrickville!

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